USA Baseball’s List of Ineligible Participants
Last Updated: 2.4.2020

This list is comprised of individuals who are ineligible to participate with USA Baseball at this time.  We encourage amateur baseball organizations to cross-check this list when performing due diligence on potential volunteers or employees.  In addition, organizations should perform their own background checks with their own disqualifying factors.  

All inquiries should be directed to Kyle Lubrano, Senior Director of Athlete Safety via email at or via phone at 919-474-8721 ext. 249.

 Andino  Jose Manuel  Concord, NH
 Avila  Michael  Texarkana, AR
 Bailey  Michael Paul  Mesa, AZ
 Barragan  Ezequiel  Aliso Viejo, CA
 Barto  Johnnie  Johnstown, PA
 Bennett  Jason Carl  Union Parish, LA
 Casey  Jeremy  Lancaster, NY
 Conway  Clay  Georgetown, DE
 Decker  Adam  Russellville, KY
 Esparza  Jessica  La Vern, CA
 Farrell  Robert  Oswego, NY
 Fisher  Cory  San Bernardino, CA
 Fisher  Kevin A  Glens Falls, NY
 Folley  Justin  Craig, CO
 Gasiorek  Steven  Buffalo, NY
 Geiki  Scott  New Brunswick, Canada
 Hastings  Jonathan  Jackson, MI
 Heimlich  Luke  Puyallup, WA
 Hill  Russell Sepulveda  Phoenix, AZ
 Jacobs  Roy  Louisville, OH
 Johnson  Lucas Bruce  Albert Lea, MN
 Jolley  Marcus D  Washington County, OR
 Joseph  Allen  Metairie, LA
 Kay  Terry Francis  Arlington, TX
 Keibler  John Kevin  Marshall County, KY
 Kimerer Jr  Joe  Lafayette, LA
 Klacko  Todd  Port Colborne, Canada
 Lambo  Andrew F.  Newbury Park, CA
 Morgan  Kyle  Huntley, IL
 MacDonald  Scott  Bellingham, WA
 Mann  Edward Franklin  Kaufman County, TX
 Merchant  Christopher  Rhode Island & Connecticut
 Modica  Peter  New Orleans, LA
 Moye  Brian  Santa Rosa County, FL
 Nichols  Renee  Springboro, OH
 Offineer  Ryan  Muldrow, OK
 Ortega  Jose  Boston, MA
 Pell  Trent William  Palm Springs, CA
 Person  Davon Trevaughn  Miami, FL
 Peteja  Edward M.  Sarasota, FL
 Pfieffer  Jeffrey  Minooka, IL
 Phillips  Justin  Williamsport, PA
 Roberts  Whitney  Hookset, NH
 Sales Jr.  Carlos Salcito  Santa Ana, CA
 Smith  Corwin D  Waterloo, OH
 Suddeth  Anthony Jerome  Biloxi, MS
 Weir  Brad  Manchester, TN
 Witteveen  Jennifer Sue  Fort Worth, TX
 Zable  Peyton  Sioux Falls, ND
 Zeitzmann  Larry J  Franklin County, WA